The Skin We’re In

Skin is color blind when it comes to skin care. Although we must protect our skin from sun damage with spf products and sun hats when necessary, we don’t require any special products. There is no research that states we have to have any special skin care regimen just because we are African American. Yes, we have varying tones of skin and physiological characteristics however that does not change the type of products you should be cleansing or treating your skin with.

Do we need special skin care products?

No matter what  color, skin is skin. We all have dry skin, oily skin, occasional acne, wrinkles, sun damage, oily skin, and uneven skin tones. These are issues that affect everyone and  products that address these problems can be used by everyone regardless of skin color. Care for all skin color and tones involve : gentle cleansing, sun protection and products for your skin type. Please avoid ingredients such as alcohol, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, and natural or synthetic fragrances. Exposure to irritants always will worsen any skin regardless of color.

Must do 

  • Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser (avoid bar soaps; they are too drying, can clog pores and cause skin to look ashy and feel dry).

  • Use products that are appropriate for your skin type (i.e. gels and serums for oily or combination skin; creams and lotions for dry skin).

  • Use a  sunscreen / moisturizer during the day (the most typical cause of uneven skin tone for women of color is sun damage.

Skin color is not a skin type

Basic skin-care needs are the same for everyone. Research shows that the only real difference between African-American skin and Caucasian skin is the amount and distribution of melanin (the cells which produce our skin’s pigment). More melanin means darker skin color; less means lighter skin color. Having lots of melanin gives women of color an added advantage when it comes to how their skin handles sun exposure and how soon the damage becomes visible. Essentially, the more melanin your skin has, the more natural defense we have.